GatorStep was designed to be an alternative to other marine decking and nonskid options, it quickly became the clear choice for anyone wanting a comfortable personalized look. GatorStep sets itself apart by always looking at creative ways to solve common industry problems as well as consistently coming up with new applications for a product that has proven to be incredibly versatile.

Some of the most common uses of GatorStep:

• Swim Platform Pads
• Gunwale Pads
• Bolster Pads
• Floor Decking
• Storage Liners
• Engine Compartments
• Helm Pads
• Trailer pads
• Cooler pads
• Towers
• Board Racks
• And so much more!

Key Benefits:

• Comfortable
• Customizable
• Sound Dampening
• Easy Care
• Cool to the touch
• Brandable
• Low Maintenance

GatorStep gives comfort and style to any application while also protecting the surface it covers from chipping and other damage.


In-house Creative Team Will Set Your Brand Apart:

Our talented, forward-thinking design team works directly with you from concept to completion, the end result being a product that is perfectly tailored and unique to your brand.


Dimensionally Stable/No Shrinkage:

Shrinking causes exposed adhesive which collects debris. Over time the debris can work its way under the product causing it to peel and lift. GatorStep has eliminated this concern with its proprietary manufacturing process. We use only the highest quality components available.


Faster, Easier Installations:

GatorStep exclusively offers an initial ability to reposition the product, giving you faster stress-free consistent results every time.


Quick Turn Times, Better Service:

From start to finish we have you in mind, packaging and labeling options that fit your production needs. Faster production times give you the ability to inventory less, allowing you more space and flexibility.



Our finish and blend of materials produce a product that is soft, comfortable and stays cooler in the heat.


Easy care:

45 degree edge profiles minimize the risk of lifting during use and cleaning.